Inspection reviews.

When choosing Inspection Specialists, LLC, you can be sure you will get high-quality service every time. Read through some of our reviews to see what our clients think of our work, and leave your own if you’ve used our services before.

Kerry has performed two inspections for our family over the years. As a family who owns and runs a construction company we know our stuff, but still trusted Kerry’s opinion. The first was over eight years ago, he suspected drugs had possibly been used in the home. He did his test and was correct! The Health Department had to come to spray the home before anyone could live in it. We are extremely thankful for his due diligence as we did not purchase the home based on his inspection. To think I already had paint picked out and we had no idea of the poison inside! The second inspection was done four years ago and he equally did an amazing job. Thank you, Kerry!

Kimber B.

Inspection Specialists has always been great to work with. Cody always dose excellent due diligence to protect my buyers. He has done this for many years, and he is one of the only inspectors I would trust in the home buying process. He has saved my buyers in many cases finding issues with a property before the buyer’s due diligence ends. Jennifer also makes sure she takes the time to know the buyer’s deadline schedule so they can coordinate in getting the reports back to the buyer in a timely manner.

Jameson H.

Very thorough job. They found everything you could ask for on my house a lot of stuff was to be expected due to age of home but was nice to see they found it. Even brought a lot of things to my attention I would have never thought to look at.

Kyle K.

If you are a buyer, this is the inspector you want. As a real estate professional, I have used Cody on all of my personal purchases, and I recommend him to family and friends. He has been doing this for 20 years and knows what he is doing. The negative reviews you see here are solely from disgruntled sellers who did not have a working relationship with Cody.

Michael H.

I was absolutely blown away by how thorough and professional Cody’s inspection was. The home had been inspected twice prior to Cody coming in, and he caught issues that the previous inspectors had completely overlooked.

Cait B.

Cody was our inspector and he did an amazing job. He saved us potentially thousands of dollars in water damage and mold mitigation. Cody totally saved the day. I will absolutely use his company to inspect our next potential purchase!

John L.

I have used Cody to inspect two of my personal homes, and I refer him to my clients. He is one of the most thorough inspectors I know. Based on my dozens of interactions with him I recommend him highly.

Living W.

Very honest and forthright. No sugar coating. Just an honest inspection. That’s their job and it’s refreshing to see someone who does it right! Cody is professional and courteous. If you want to know the real shape of a property, call them!

Justin R.